Strong together – UN 2045 Scientific methodology

Every community is invited in Framing of UN vision 2045 formation through #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration documentary. This is high time to move together while framing UN 2045 Agenda. This documentary shall explain the scientific technology on dos & don’ts while preparing #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration
The different domains have been designed to frame UN 2045. The academic experts are dedicated their time in preparing scientific methods towards #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration. Our main moto to shape better policies from the outcomes of UN vision 2045 of #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration. This UN 2045 vision shall focus to follow by every member state while this agenda brought and explains, reads towards the benefits of the community.

Scholars, professionals, diplomatic positioned persons, Youth & Women activists, Faith community-based entities including some of the parliamentarian’s involvement place a vital role in framing UN 2045 agenda. While framing this agenda the global voice shall be taken through UNA Today – for better tomorrow with a caption that “Your participation our aspirations definitely lead UN 2045 Agenda.
Very interestingly many intergovernmental organizations including ICCSTU Moscow are showing interest to support the actions for the future endeavors on global pressing issues.

The pre & pro sdg research shall attract to frame UN 2045 agenda, our designed 24 streams shall be connected through #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration and the documentary, documentation of declaration shall stand as a pillar to UN 2045

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