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Chief Expert UN Vision 2045
Ambassador Green Economy,
Chief Expert ICSTI Diplomatic Position
Secretary Indian Federation United Nations Association
Secretary General United Nations Association of AP and Telangana
Director Centre for Green Economy OPC Pvt LTD
Futurist, Green Economist, Development Catalyst, Social Scientist, Philanthropist, Policies Designer Politics and Governance, Climate Leader, ICAO trainer, GGKP member unit of OECD, UNEP, World Bank Wide knowledge in different streams and moved massively from local to international, addressed from local platform to multilateral platforms and working as cross country research analyst with inclusiveness of pre and pro UN global goals to shape better policies
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Also serving as

IUCN - Member ( CEESP) ( Advisory Committee UNESCO)

JayaRamulu Lingutla's Story

I, JayaRamulu Lingutla literally faced many challenges in my life and coped with the situations created then. Many a times, I thought of involving myself fully, in carrying out social activities, solving the rural socio-economic problems.  Further, I wish to educate them what to do and what not to do during the crisis time.  
I felt without formal education, exposure to broad spectrum of socio-political aspects, I may not be able to succeed to the extent required; I concentrated in my studies at Kurnool and acquired educational degrees,  underwent training in Cost Accountancy. During my studies I concentrated on socio- economic issues of the villagers from different Taluks, Zillas and Districts; I went on methodically to find the root cause for socio-economic problems and needs of the common man in perspective.

At UNA Mission Centre, Kurnool, AP – India

To emphasize on frontier / area of activity of the information of economy, for inspiration, for edification and for an exhilarating sense of how the liberating power of information can do for the society. Working as thought leader and key knowledge partner with United Nations Association of Andhra and Telangana (UNA APT) which is affiliated to (IFUNA) India federation united Nations Association which is in turn affiliated to Ministry of external affairs Govt of India and (Wfuna) world federation United Nations Association New York and Geneva. You can watch in UNA APT Facebook page

In my opinion one can consider values as culturally objectified, abstract ideas of phenomena. Such ideas are the lasting significance to the satisfaction of needs of political subjects. These ideas are a subjective reflection of the objective needs of social subjects. They express the subject’s attitude towards its own needs. Therefore, it seems right to call values ‘ideas of needs’. All values, whether they are ideas of activities, or ideas of social relations, or abstract ideas, or specific objects which are needs in themselves, are according to this approach, ideas of needs. Therefore, they may be called primary values, for they serve an essential motivating function.

Addressed the Phd students from All Africa Universities at Cape town, South Africa


Only VVIP's at Spiritual Event

Mr.Jaya Ramulu, Especially concentrated and discussed with many like minded dignitaries
on the subject of # Mahanandi Declaration

Photo from Moscow magazine

With this view in my mind I worked without any gratification for the uplift of the rural folk in solving their issues and problems in different political zones in North India and southern India. I have during the course of socio-economic activities I expressed my views with public figures and other dignitaries how the policies to be implemented for the human well-being.
The social activities, I have taken up from villages to districts levels, to State levels to Centre by representing and attending meetings conducted by various organizations including UN agencies on different forums. This experience gave me sufficient knowledge and exposure to understand the criticality of issues arose and would arise.

with UN General Assembly President 

Brics Innovative Summit at Moscow

The social activities I have taken up from villages to districts levels, to State levels to Centre by representing and attending meetings conducted by various organizations including UN agencies on different forums. This experience gave me sufficient knowledge and exposure to understand the criticality of issues that arose and would arise.

I would like to narrate briefly how I participated in my social activities in the past and at present and what I wish to do in the future:
In the past: Many social activities have been carried out successfully. Further, we have spent our time tirelessly and scarified life for many years from his own funds  towards rural health programs, also facilitating required resource mobilization etc.    Of course, we have done these activities in low profile and without much publicity. We also moved closely with all the communities including state, central and international organizations in cities, sub cities and nations sub nations.

Out reaching the UN Global Goals while
distributing the rich food

At Present; Besides continuing the same social activities I also have been undertaking ANNA DHANAM  at health camps, and schools; Underprivileged children school fees; and Above all interface harmony practices; Forming small health groups to serve the needy at will.

While outreaching United Nations Global goals, we are distributing the rich food to the community of 4 states, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra.  These people shall be moving with bear foot to have a Darshan of Lord Shiva. Faith community based system for the many decades. Our team has involved for the past 15 years, where a minimum 1lakh people are visiting our location and our approach is very simple in outreaching the UN Global goals mouth to mouth from 1 lakh to many millions people.

Mr. JayaRamulu, Touching the unreach

The Transition of Green Economy

Administrative adviser and close participation with multilateral agencies in suggesting the policy matters of different 24 domains with inclusiveness of
UN Global goals. We have been promoting, educating and executing to bring the research out comes during, before and after executing to establish in the plat form of multilateral agencies for the implement of better policies for the better life of the human.

JayaRamulu's Achievements

  • Diplomatic position at ICSTI Moscow
  • Secretary IFUNA United Nations association of India
  • Worked with State Govt for two years 
  •  Moved widely in the rural area  on Socio Economic issues as Social Scientist and green economist
  • Connected with International banking and became expert to make Functionary from the defunct
  • Connected with Green Economy from the cop11 for 12 days as an observer and addressed the gathering on the commonalities in the interest of the globe
  • Become as member with CFCC 2015 Paris
  • Member of Forestry 2015    
  • International Member with Green Economy 
  • Advisory head on sustainable development for the top Christian missionary institution in Asia
  • Climate leader with climate reality
  • Founder center for green economy
  • Promoting and advocating the activities on transition of green economy by injecting in the minds of the civil society in connection with social dimensions associated with natural capital. Been promoting with schools , colleges, universities also in IIT’s and IIM’s
  • Research experts are working in different domains  
  • GGKP member a unit of OECD, WORLD BANK, UNEP and CKDN
  • Heading as secretary general with United Nations Association Of Andhra and Telangana 
  • Preparing the management Plans to show case the pride of India before the Un Member states
  • Cross country research analysis in land and sea scape with cross country sectors
  • Nominated as delegate to the 137th Parliamentary Union at St Petersburg parliament Russia In the year 2017