Road to Paris

Road to Paris has started in the year 2010 Enlighted youth community at different locations of the sub nations and sub regions made them to understand the dos and don’ts and took a pathway  to involve in the Paris agreement where a young boy 19-Year-old (Mr. Deva Koushik) has touched the ground of Paris agreement at UNFCCC (Paris) Our team with untired journey with an empathetic way has taken place at different locations on the promotional action oriented programming system worked out as a game changer in involving every community to own up as stake holder. All the stake holders of different domain gave us rich experience and witnessed in selecting to the road Paris. In the year 2011 the COP 11 also witnessed in standing as observer status where the programme took place at Hyderabad, AP, India.

This conference of party meeting gave us enormous, vast and learning helped to our secretary general of UNA AP&T, Chef Expert UN Vision 2045 to touch the ground of every institution of this world. Further our team of experts sat together to design the brilliant ideology of with a caption think globally act locally unite equally care mother earth carefully and framed 24 streams to active the objectives of the United Nations and to reach the local locations such as touch the unreach places. In this context our team has expressed that there are many natures scientist is at unreach locations where one can think beyond ordinary to reach where none ever gone before in catching the heights of once life as young early scientist to make this planet with happy index.  In the road to Paris our designed 24 streams helped our team with a caption that the going tough gets but whereas our team felt heartfully the tough get going. The beauty of united nations particular thought process connects the people of this world with the high process of the learning to walk with their two legs confidently to serve this globe without any problem. Infact our united nations association has given a label that everybody finds a problem without any solution, where as our secretary general of UNA APT find solutions from every problem as such if anybody ask the Oscar award given, we will be the first happy to nominate him in bringing the rails which was derailed at Andhra Pradesh (APUNA)

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