Practices to Parliamentarian

The IPU 137 parliamentarian delegation meeting at St’ Peters burg Russia nomination to enter the parliament and to understand the system of practices of implementation from the parliamentary with a caption no community left behind in knowing the unique thought process at ground level shall play a vital role for this happy planet, to make our planet with happy index. Our UNA mission group along with accreditation agencies from the intergovernmental organization members, scholar professionals, social scientist, diplomats drafted a concept note and took permission from the union of 22 and 12 partnered countries to bring the declaration ( mahanandi great bull ) with inclusiveness of the parliamentarian thought process to propose the better policies for the better life of human beings after shaping the correct system of policy matter. The proposal of “legacy” system which is an unique paper which in detailed explanation shall be sent to every member of parliament of this world to spare their sometime in analysing on the dos and donts of their consistency that how one can feel to support with a caption if not now when if not we then who

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