People to planet

Our UNA Mission group of teams brought that the society is our lab. In this process we have touched the ground level with a corridor system from three continents such as asia  ( Ahobhilam to Achampet cantered mahanandi ) Africa (Nyeri County to Nairobi County)and Europe (Bellinzona – Zurich, Switzerland) these corridors are designed by where the practicalities of people of the planet shall make us understand in following the United nations action oriented programming system at every stream of our designed 24 with inclusiness of the pre & pro sdgs and its beyond 2045 UN Vision. The comparison cross country research analysis shall be evaluated and monitored the thought process of the people at different locations to set right in implementation of our Paris agreement rules and regulations of the global goal have come up in selecting from the people challenges to in selecting the scientific points from the people where one can contribute in making happy planet of index

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