My Believes

My Believes are…

Community participation with UNA mission aspirations lead towards low hanging fruit

Youth treasure of knowledge builds system of legacy

Faith community based system plays vital role in addressing towards the development With inclusiveness of UN global goals

transparency towards the Nature
creates with transparent politics

Mind pollution is dangerous than original polluter

Thought of uniqueness shall continue on the space, earth and beneath earth towards right direction development

No lip sympathy , no mute witness
empathy only towards the nature

Festivals do come and go but one shall feel everyday is festival while following the nature

Think Globally, Act Locally, Unite Equally and Care Mother Earth Carefully

Land bank, Knowledge bank, Spiritual Bank, Health Bank, Time Bank

Society is my lab

If any one feels he is head then he dead

Own content is constructive, learning content is instructive / information, theft content is destructive

Nobody is permanent in the world, Information and knowledge is permanent