UN Vision 2045

Planet to people

The declaration of mahanandi great bull scientific methodology policy paper actions practices would definitely feel happy from the resources of this planet. As there is no planet B the continues Mahanandi Great bull declaration year by year shall definitely stands best in reforming with a resilience (The planet A gives better option to the people)

People to planet

Our UNA Mission group of teams brought that the society is our lab. In this process we have touched the ground level with a corridor system from three continents such as asia  ( Ahobhilam to Achampet cantered mahanandi ) Africa (Nyeri County to Nairobi County)and Europe (Bellinzona – Zurich, Switzerland) these corridors are designed by …

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Paris to Practical

“ The learning of the practicalities of the Paris are amazing un imaginable joinery which is taking place at different continents which were never dreamt “The beliefs which are quoted at jayaramulu.com the belief has expressed in to realty to establish those thought process activities at ground level of knowledge sharing with cross learning.  In …

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Road to Paris

Road to Paris has started in the year 2010 Enlighted youth community at different locations of the sub nations and sub regions made them to understand the dos and don’ts and took a pathway  to involve in the Paris agreement where a young boy 19-Year-old (Mr. Deva Koushik) has touched the ground of Paris agreement …

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International Day of Education 24th January

Education plays vital role towards the sustainable development. We can say this as education sustainable development ESD . #Mahanandi declaration which is upcoming project proposed from Achhampet to Ahobilam end route Mahanandi temple corridor under Asia Pacific research station Mahanandi kurnooll AP India. Our scientific methodology paper definitely stands as game changer before UN member states while …

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UNA Mission

Una Mission is uniquely positioned in the world in partnering with Private, Government and Multilateral entities as per SDG-17goals while posturing in all streams in the Space, Earth and Beneath Earth with inclusiveness of global goals on the commonalities in interest of the goal, further this mission is bringing #Mahanandi Declaration scientific methodology paper inline …

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